Gospel - The Good News

The word gospel means “good news.” The gospel message is not advice about what we should do, but news about what has been done for us. The headlines read, “God has come into the world to rescue sinners.” The subtitle reads, “Believe! The King is here, and he has brought his kingdom! Turn to him!”

What does this mean for us?

How does the Gospel tells us we have gracious acceptance from God?

Jesus paid for our brokenness by becoming broken on the cross, so we can be made whole.  On the cross there was a great exchange, our record for Christ’s record.  Jesus takes the wrath we deserve and gives us the love that He deserves.  He is hated so we can be loved.  He is rejected so we can be accepted. Because of this there is nothing we can do or not do to make God love us more or less!  We are seen like God sees His perfect Son.  That means the Father looks at you and says, “I love you”, as if He is saying it to His one and only Son.  This loving acceptance is only possible through the costly love of Christ.

How does the Gospel tells us we have been given the power to become who God created us to be?

On the cross Jesus stood in our place and had his heart crushed and died. All so we can be given a new heart and be brought fully into life. In Christ’s resurrection we are born into His power to live like people who are fully alive and are becoming more and more like Him, our rescuer.

How does the Gospel tells us one day our savior will return to make all things new and right. 

On the cross Jesus stood in our place and was exiled from his own Kingdom in order to open the gates for us. In Christ’s incarnation, death, and resurrection he ushers in a whole new world that is beginning to inhabit the existing world. This world has come but is not yet fully here. Renewal has started but isn’t fully accomplished. For now, we wait until our glorious King returns bringing all the glories of His kingdom where there is no longer hurting, death, or pain.

How should we respond?

On the cross Jesus took His hands off of His own life for you. Now he is calling you to take your hands off of your life for Him.  He is saying to us, I have lived for you, now I want you to live for me. It’s not that our life will be easier, it might even be harder, but He promises us that He is worth it. This gift He has given us is not meant to make us respond out of guilt but is meant to make us fully alive, responding with joy and gratitude.  Run to him! Put your faith, hope, and love in Him; and He will give you the desires of your heart.